Artist - Maxine Gadd

Maxine’s talent was apparent as soon as she could hold a crayon. 


At just eleven years old she sold her first painting. Her highly developed creative talent eventually allowed her entrance into a high school which specialised in extra curricular classes for talented artistic students. After graduating from High School Maxine decided to study Graphic Design where she won the prestigious John Lunghi Award for the best piece of artwork in the final exhibition for graduating students. Further studies in fine art led her to fall in love with the Pre-Raphaelite and Romantic movements finding inspiration in their lush and detailed style. This eventually led to Maxine writing and illustrating a fairy book. The book was never finished but a career in Faerie art began. Her work was then featured in a book titled “The art of Fairy”, with prominent international fantasy artists. Diana Zimmerman who purchased many of Maxine’s originals was so moved by one of her paintings she wrote a fairy story around it and commissioned Maxine to illustrate the book. Her art works have also been featured in Fae Magazine and the Clout Fantasy Game 2005. Eventually a book devoted to Maxine’s art - Fairies and Other Fantastical Folk published both in the USA and UK enjoyed her great success selling over 45,000 copies. She was also a special guest at faeryworlds in Portland, Oregon USA 2008, and as a guest artist at the Glastonbury Faery Festival 2013.


Maxines works are featured in cross stitch patterns, Jigsaw puzzles, Prints and Posters and Cards. Maxine has mastered many art mediums, Graphite, Oils, Pastel, Acrylics, crayon, as well as digital art. Her first entry into the prestigious Archibald Pirze this year in 2014 is an oil portrait of the wonderfull Gillian Helfgott.


In 2014 Maxine's portrait of Gillian Helfgott enterted the Black Swan Portrait Finalist Award Australia